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Diarising all events with details, dates and times etc is invaluable when it comes to fighting Alienation, it can be used in Court proceedings and it assists when it comes to having to remember important dates and details etc, it can also be valuable in helping professionals understand what is happening in effort to help the children.

Your Diary on this site is protected from anyone being able to read it apart from yourself and site Admins

Leave no aspect or event out of your Diary, include witnesses to any events, what may not seem important at the time may just turn out to be very important when piecing things together.

To start a private Diary you first have to contact Admin via the private message facility and this will cause a Diary page to be set up under your user name and when done you will be notified by return message, this page will only be be visible to you when you log in, remember it will not be visible to any other site visitors or users apart from Admins.

If you have any questions about starting a Diary either post a reply here or contact Admin by way of the Personal Message facility if you require absolute privacy.

You can always print out your Diary by using the "printer friendly version" facility at the bottom of your page.


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