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My story has been removed because I don't want to hurt my children and I remain intimidated by my former wife (see developments below).  If you want to read it send me a PM.

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Our crazy evil family court system

I'm in WA and found out last Sep how crazy our Family Court is - Judges, Magistrates, Registrar, lawyers, so called Child protection, independent court appointed experts and Police all designed to rip off as much money from the parents and children with legal action initiated by the vindictive parent.  We even have judges that deliberately give the children to the parent that abuses them and a 17 year old girl Abbey killed herself last year because of this.  It's sick and disgusting and is a legalised child abuse ring that is being covered up by those in power.

 I'm nearly 50 businesswoman accountant and I've been arrested and charged and my daughters taken off me for 1. drinking in my apartment 2. Uploading a video to YouTube 3. Not going to a hearing at the family Court 4. Complaining about the price of cigarettes at the casino.  Currently have a VRO from ex-evil one not to contact him - which is fine by me... never want to see him again if I can help itand my 7M business is going into liquidation on 12 May.  Last conviction I had was for .08 when I was 18.  Just crazy.  Stay strong and keep a good sense of humour. Mandy

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I've now receiverd a letter

I've now receiverd a letter from my wife's lawyer - I will show an extract here.  I think that an open forum was not the best place to post it seems when your ex demands such control.  I will say that there are no identifiable names in the post, my wife's place of work is not mentioned, to find this post they must have been looking for my story, I don't want to hurt my daughter and I am inimidated.  __________________________________



We refer to the above matter and confirm we act on behalf of XXXXXX in your family law matters.

We understand that XXXXXXX of XXXXXXXX no longer represents you.

We have been informed by our client that you posted to a forum section of the website ‘Parental Alienation’ on 6 April 2015. We have located this post.

We understand that our client, and your eldest daughter XXXXX have read this post. Our client has made repeated requests for you to remove this.

Our client is again requesting that you remove this post for the following primary reasons:

  1. It refers to a serious incident in 2009 involving your daughter, XXXXX. XXXXXX has read this post, and is extremely upset that details of this incident are now a public forum;

  2. It names the place where our client works; and

  3. Our client is very concerned that your two younger daughters will read the post. We understand that they do not know the details of the 2009 incident involving XXXXX.

Our client considers that this post is very inappropriate, and requests that you remove this post within 12 hours of receiving this correspondence.

Our client also notes that there is currently a Protection Order in place naming her and the children, and considers that this post, and your refusal to remove it, is likely to fall within the definition of domestic violence. 

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I read their text messages to

I read their text messages to me and it seems that my eldest is feeling assaulted by the reminders in my anonymous story and I am on the verge of taking it down.  I don't want to hurt my children or even my wife but I know the reverse is not so.  From what I've read my wife will resent her loss of control of me and will continue to attempt to control me. I however do believe the development of misanthropic tendencies via intergenerational parental alienation is central to my story.  I find it odd that society regularly condemns misogyny but misandry is seldom mentioned.  That said; if I don't tell my story do I help my daughter or do I empower intergenerational paternal alienation or are the two inseparably intertwined?

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as long as there are no names

as long as there are no names etc then the post is perfectly legal even if there are ongoing family court matters

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Well I've just had a call

Well I've just had a call from from eldest daughter and her mother demanding I take this post down - apparently they  feel that it identifies them.  I'm glad that they are researching parental alienation.  I can't see that it is illegal.  I guess I'll find out if the cops come looking for me.

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