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Hi Everyone,

I wanted to share part of my journey with parental alienation. Most of us know the story as we often share all too familar similarities of alienation. So rather than recount all my story to you I wanted to share with you all that after three years of alienation from my son, I finally have him back in my life.

It has only been nearly three weeks now and it will be a long and slow road to heal all the damage done. It's a difficult point for our family, the one where you have to slowly put back all those pieces that were broken in your lives and try to move forward.

The hardest thing is that I'd spent so much time in legal battles and reading about parental alienation, not ever knowing if I would get to be a mother to my son again, that now I need to learn about coming out the other isde of it. The how to rebuild your relationships and move forward after such a long time in a childs life apart, especailly when the alienating parent still has some weekend time.

I take every day at a time and treat everyday as a blessing and I can only hope that by showing my son that it's ok to love both parents, that he doesn't have to choose sides, that he can feel safe and not made to be anyone pawn to seek retribution.

I hope that other alienated parents at some point, like me also get the chance to parent and love their children too :)


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