Lawyers, barristers and psychologists in Adelaide who understand alienation

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Does anyone know of any good lawyers, barristers or psychologists in the Adelaide area, who know about and have had success in proving alienation, that I can contact to help me?



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Potential lawyers

I can't recommend any lAwyers in Sth aust howeverh suggestion would be to look at the lawyers listed in childrens court . These lawyers are ore likely to have a better understanding of this sickness. I suggest you also get in touch with Stan at Drummond st Carlton Vic he may also guide you. He charges as well however he will be able to propose a few paths you can take . Do not let the dhs get involved they just create another barrier . If you can get into counselling with your children. There is a group called catholic care not sure they operate in Sth aust . The govenment at a federal level needs to change the law and these allienators are child subsets and should be jailed for the sbuse they carry out on children 

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