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Hello all.

I'm a 29yr old Mum_of_1 as my username suggests.  My Son is 6 & a half.  His father and I separated shortly before he turned 2.  I share equal custody of our Son with his father, and have done since our separation.  At times it's hard, really hard, to be away from him for a week at a time but it's how we agreed to parent him, and it works for us.  The issues I have are predominantly from my Son's Step Mother, not his Father.  While I feel absolutely no love for the man whatsoever anymore, I still respect his place in our Son's life, and he is a wonderful Father to our Son.  His Wife on the other hand...


Constantly she undermines me, and refers to herself as 'Mum' to my Son.  He even calls her Mum while he is in their custody, and his Father allows it.  And this is hard, really hard to swallow.  Just recently I was referred to as 'an agressive sociopath' after a discussion with my Son's Father that she did not even witness.  Communication with his School while he is in their care is primarily through her, and she refers to herself as 'Mum' in that setting also.  She challenges the choices I make with him, and has threatened to 'at best, reduce your custody' (attempt to reduce or eliminate me from my Son's life)  I believed this would stop when she married my Son's Father, it didn't.  I believed it would stop when she had her own child to him, it didn't.  They have been married for 14mths, and have a Daughter, 2yrs old.  She has attempted to stop me from attending sporting matches that my Son plays.  As recently as 2mths ago I had to challenge her, and seek permission from the President of my Son's sporting organisation after she tried to have me banned, so I could attend his training and matches while he is in my custody, otherwise he would simply miss out every other week.  Activities that I involve him in they won't take him to, so he only goes once a fortnight.  If he is seen by a Dr or is unwell while he is in their care, I am not informed of it.  He even had bloods taken on one occasion & I was not informed.  His Step Mother has recently taken him to a Dentist & I was not made aware of it until after the fact.  January last year I was told 'you have no right to know where ... is when he is in ...'s care.  I was merely being nice by informing you that ... would be with ... while we were on our honeymoon'  This woman, telling me I have no right to know the whereabouts of my own child?!  Shortly after this, she entered my home after I told her she could come in when she approached the front door, and in front of my Son's father, myself, and my mother tried to coax my Son to leave with her, telling him 'You're on our time now, come on, your Sister is in the car' and confronting her Husband in front of our Son when he challenged her and asked her to wait in the car while he and I discussed our Son.  The list goes on and on and on.

Basically, I stumbled across this Website after Google-ing 'Parental Alienation Syndrome' and would like to be able to share my experiences and interact with parents who have the same struggles that I do.  I love my Son, dearly.  Would do absolutely anything for him & he knows it.  But this woman, she makes me anxious, she makes me second guess my ability to mother my Son.  It's a constant battle to communicate with his Father over the simplest of matters & I really do believe that this woman is of the belief that our child is her own flesh and blood Son.  I am merely someone she has to share him with!


Thanks for taking the time to read my babble.  I look forward to reading other stories and exchanging tactics to keep ourselves strong, and sane!  Cheers :)

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