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I'm haunted by the judges words I don't know. Hopefully someone can hep me understand before I give up. 

Case VRO restraining me from daughter. 

I proved I didn't break the law. 

I proved I didn't act threting

i proved my intensions are good.

I proved the mother lied.

I proved she was desperate to use anything against me.

1 exsample was  making a complaint about me to one police station and when they said I have done nothing wrong she tried another police station and pushed until they chased it up only to find me innocent. 

The judge said my intensions apear genuine.

I believed I had won

The judge made the VRO finally anyway.

I asked the judge what did I do wrong?   He replied I DONT KNOW. 

I don't understand I hold no hope now. 

I never ever thought I would say these words but I'm about to give up. :-( 

The way I'm guessing it works is because it's suits the mother to be stressed to keep me away I don't need to break the law. I haven't even made any attemp to go near my daughter. That wouldn't even cross my mind. It would be wrong.  

Can anyone shed some light on this at all. 

Is it worth fighting a fight I feel lies and games and best lawyer is going to win. 

I'm alway honest and try do right. Means I'm always the victim.

Joined: 29/01/2014
Can I win with out a lawyer?

In court can I win with out a lawyer. 

The mother believed she is going no wrong and is leaving a clear path. 

She has a good lawyer and looks like no lie will be off limits. 

Is their a way to speed things up and not face to defend every little thing if these a clear pattern 

how long could it take? 


Thank you 

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