Rollor coaster 2 years with 3 different cases. I have never met my daughter

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Hello everyone. What a great site 

In the past two years I have become a single of two, met my 9 year old son and found out I have a daughter that I still haven't met. It feels like I have been bashed everyday for 2 years but I still think I'm lucky :-) 

2 years ago I became a single dad with a 2 and 3.5 year old and I love every minute of it. Things were good until mum got cut off the pension and then spent two years making life hell until she stole them and ran interstate. I took her to court. It took 30 days but the judge let me go get them. We are now settled together at home again. :-). Everyday I think in the luckiest person alive :-) 

A few months into my two years I spoke to an ex on face book. She started telling me about my son I had never met. I book a flight the next day to meet him. Best thing I have ever done. It's a fairy tale how great it had worked out. I fly him to visit every school holidays. His grades have gone up, he's a happier child and even helps mum around the house more :-). The biggest complement was when he asked to change his name to mine. 

What brings me here is 6 months ago I found out I have an 8 year old daughter. Her mum has a bad case of parental alienation. I have not met her or been able to learn anything about her from her mum. Currently going thru court now. 

After reading this site and the affects on child I'm thinking of giving up for the child. 

Really don't know what to do. 

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Does anyone else with a smiler story ?

Has any one else been thru court to meet a child they have never met?

i have work hard doing everything right. 

The mother is desperate to find things to use against me. Twisting positive thing into negative things. She tried to have charged with breach of VRO and when the police said it's not a breach she then tried another police station until someone followerd it up. Of course nothing came of it. As usal I did nothing wrong. 

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Today I proved my self

Today I proved my self inoscent, I proved I was not a threat, i proved I didn't break the law, I proved my intensions are good, I proved she lied. I thought I had won my case 

The judge still ruled a VRO against me. 

I said to the judge what did I do wrong and he replied I don't know. 

My head is doing still, I have post faith in the justis system. I know she isn't going to back off and already she is hurting the kids. 


We have family court soon and I know it's going to nasty. i never thought I would say this but maybe giving up might be a quicker way to meet my daughter. Most off all save her from it all. 

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