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I do know how you feel, i am still going through the same thing, like you i love my children and they are not in my life at present, it is so painfull.

You are not alone as I am not, we will all get through this mess, how and when we may not know at this point but I know I will never give up and we must keep ourseves well in order to either fight on or move on.

We are all faced with that decision at some point, do we fight on or do we just walk away, so far mine is to fight but we all make our decisions individually and no one decision is wrong, in fact whatever decision you make is right providing it is withing the boundaries of the law and what is best for your children.

We must all act in accordance of the above for to act outside those boundaries will not enhance either yours or the childrens chances of a reasonable outcome, we must stay healthy and do the best we can and if it all does not work out then at least you can say to yourself that you did try your best and who knows, one day your children may also learn of that also.

Remember, that which does not break us makes us stronger

kind regards to you all

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