I beat her Alienation!!!

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Well it's been some time since I posted in this forum, but I do wish to share my story.

I wont make it all long winded, but it took 2 years of painstakingly detailed effort in ensuring I kept a diary running, kept all emails, kept all texts msgs.

What I never did, NOT ONCE.

* Talk badly about her in front of the kids.

* Never abused her, verbally or in msgs

* Never entertained her moronic messages where she'd try to bait me.

All this worked to my advantage.

Her whole Alienation campaign was directed towards me because of her mental instability, the fact that I'd moved on with my life and clearly she couldn't deal with that and her vindictive behaviour was mostly delusional, totally. She would fire off random messages which my new partner would read and then look at each other with surprised looks and just say, "What a nutcase!"

However I will remind those that havn't read my story in other forums here, the reason we broke up was she was playing around on me for two years before we split.  Go figure.

The only thing she didn't do was call a sexual abuse allegation against me, which in some extreme cases the alienator will. But she tried everything else in the book.

I get my children 5 nights a fortnight. Court ordered.



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