My worst nightmare

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 I have been separated for over 6 years & have 2 sons 18 & 15, I have been a devoted & loving father & until 21 months ago I had a 50/50 sharing arrangement with both boys & felt I had the best relationship you could imagine with both, & during that time I provided extremely generous financial support to my Ex to the point she was able to buy her own home, with no debt & effectively paid for all their expenses & more. Although leading up to this time I started to observe some disturbing signs in the then 16yo's behaviour & when I spoke to him he started making absurd acusations & in short refused to have any sensible discussion about it. I then found out his mother had taken him to a Psychologist twice & in all he saw her 4 times, once with me & she said to me many times he never said one thing that remotely justifies his actions towards me, which was the same for 2 close friends & my brother who tried to talk to him & it is now as bad as ever.

It gradually became evident that my ex was behind this whole scenario.

In the intervening time my 15yo, then 13 continued to come to me 50/50 but after a while showed disturbing signs towards me for 12 months & on various occasions I tried to talk to him but he was very closed up & I found out he had been sworn to secrecy, about the middle of last year for no apparent reason his attitude started to change for the better but far from ideal & in my evaluation I was trying to allow for the fact he was a growing teen, however on a ski trip to Japan recently his attutude changed from very good to terrible which coincided with a long skype call he had with his mother. Then last Friday he came back to me reluctantly with no packed clothes & when I spoke to him about it he started making similar accusations to his older brother, became very angry & has now left, my worst nightmare.

This stung me into research on the net & I stumbled across (PAS) & all of a sudden all the unanswered questions fell into place, the “Eight Manifestations of Parental Alienation Syndrome” by By Amy J. L. Baker, PhD are like an exact description of my older son.

I would like to have a conversation with a moderator ASAP to decipher the best course of action to reverse this terrible process & stop the damage being done to my sons & would welcome any feedback that may help my situation & recommendations on solicitors & mental health professionals who are familiar with this syndrome.



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Looking for a group for estraned parents in Melbourne

Do you know of any groups in Melbourne




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Me Too

Hi Russell - very similar stories though sons taken by their father over 15 months ago - heartbreaking and unbelievable - was wondering how things are going and what action you took/are taking.  I have had no success with our judicial system - so, so wrong!  

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