Denied all access to my son and stepdaughter...

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My ex is blocking all access to my son and step daughter.

I have been living with my ex partner for six years.  At the time, the EX also had 50% custody of her 2 year old daughter from a previous relationship. (My step daughter is now 8 years old).  My son is now 4.

My Ex threw me out at the end of August 2012 and she had blocked all access to my son and step daughter since that time.  She did allow a phone access call but that was quickly cut off when my 4 year old son asked Mummy if he could see me.  He does not understand. "God knows what she is telling him." I have been the primary carer of my son since birth, (my ex suffers anxiety and is on a large daily doses of Lorzepasm and would sleep to lunch time each day).  My ex left me to be the sole carer for our son, when he was almost 2, while she travelled overseas for a skiing holiday in Japan, with her mother and sister, but apparently I am not good enough to even see or speak to my son now!  There are no orders in place to prevent me from seeing my son.  She just blocks every way for me to get access and calls the police if I try to call around or text, saying I am harassing her, all my texts were only about making a time to see my son.   She has since changed the phone number, so I cannot call and she has also taken our son out of day care so I cannot access him there.  I have sent multiple requests to the Ex's solicitor requesting access but he keeps diverting back to me signing documents fist. The solicitor agressively accused my of trying to abduct my son from day care!  Abduct!  .... I'm his Dad who has never been separated from him since birth, until now ... not some stranger off the street!!!  This is an example of the sort of bullying and intimidation that I am receiving from the Ex's Solicitor! (The ex pulled him out of day care very early that day, just 1/2 before I arrived - makes me wonder if I am being tracked?)

We have two homes that we lived in during our relationship One home is owned by my ex and the other, a Million dollar beach front home, is owned by the family trust.  I am living in the empty home that is owned by my ex, as I have been slowly renovating and doing all the maintenance on this empty home for the past 6 years. (We lived there until just after our son was born and then we moved to the beach front home).

The Ex's solicitor is blackmailing me to sign documents that are not to my advantage, and wanting me to vacate the other home immediately before I will be granted supervised access to my son once a fortnight!!!   My ex's family are wealthy, and are beneficiaries of one of Australia's largest family trusts, and they also own an Australian Law firm.  I am a disability pensioner and I am waiting for legal aid, which seems to take forever.  All I want is to spend quality time with my son.  I am not interested in their money.  The ex took my son out of day care so I could not access him there.  She has ignored all requests for me to take him for a weekend. I want at least 50% custody, this is my first separation from my son since his birth and it is tearing me apart, I cannot imagine what it is doing to my son and also my step daughter.  Who knows what the children are being told!! The Ex sent me a text telling me that my son does't want to see me anymore. 

Before our break up the ex would attack me and threaten to thow me out if I had anything to do with any of my family or friends. (probably becuase they have witnessed what she was like).  I am the eldest of seven children and my son has Grandparents, Uncles, Aunties and Cousins that he has not seen since he was about 2 1/2 years of age.

I am preparing an access order to see my son,  that I am doing on my own, as I have no legal help assigned to me yet.  What else can I do?  I just want to see my son and stepdaughter.  I love them both dearly.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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