Emily, Katie & Sol

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Emily, Katie & Sol

I don’t know if you will ever read this but I have to write it for several reasons just the same, one being in the hope that one day you may read it and begin to understand where circumstances have placed all of us.

I love you all unconditionally but absolutely hate what you are all doing/done to me, I have only ever once before known pain like this, I am at a loss as to understand what I have done to deserve what is happening/happened.

I have tried my best with all my heart and mind towards you all but now after many years I am beginning to feel that I must face some realities in that I am fooling no one other than myself, in some ways I do not want you to read this but in other ways I do.

Emily & Katie, I do not blame you at all, you are the product of an evil mother and grandmother that set out to destroy our relationship by way of twisting your minds with lies and deciept against me and everything about me, they both have abused you both emotionally to the point that you cannot show me any love or affection without fear or concern, she controls every part of you and the only way up for you two is to reject that control, something that I now feel you may never do as the damage may just be too entrenched, so much so that you have elected not to see me any more.

Emily, potentially the warmest little person I have ever known, when you were much younger and hence innocent you were incredable but you just did not stand a chance, you were brainwashed from a very early age and it appears now to have stuck.

Katie you are mature enough now to be able to see the signs and at times I think you do, in fact I am sure you do, I know you are a caring and sensitive person but you seem to turn away from those signs choosing the easy path over the right one and I know you are smart enough to know what I am saying.

Sol you are an adult and a very intelligent one at that, you know first hand what I have been through with the other two, you know what you have put me through, I know that you know.

Part of being an adult is to accept responsibility for your actions and inactions and both speak louder than words, as an adult you choose your directions so I am no longer under any illusions when I look at what you are doing.

I have tried to talk to you all but you do not listen, I have tried to listen but you do not say anything, I have given you all much space only to learn that the more I give you the further away you seem to get, I have asked none of you for anything but have given and offered more than most would under the circumstances only to get nothing in return except more pain.

We have all lost so much and are still loosing but there is not much I can do about it, I have tried but without your effort, mine just seems like a waist of time.

It is not right that you are what you are when someone else is to blame but it is also not right when you know better and do nothing or little about it, there may come a time that you wished you had and you will just have to live with that.

The losses are so huge for all of us but i know that nothing will change untill you search for the truth and do something about it.

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