Written by a mother that has seen both sides

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What comes across to me is that the “supposed rights of the child are largely ignored by all and the Australian courts are predominately ineffectual and lenient in all aspects of the law but provide an excellent income for the solicitors.   

From what I have seen the behavioural – long term damage – effect is not actually discussed in any of these articles

One must remember that between the warring parties, no matter who is the instigator, the child is a child and is reliant on the adult for guidance –  truth, behaviour, examples, that sets for the rest of the Childs Life 

To abuse, manipulate a child or children, alter their conception, their thought process is changing them forever, losing their innocence, their future response in any given situation –  to illustrate, marriage, relationship, the upbringing of their own children - is being dictated by an automatic response to a given situation based on the example set by the dominating parent, in case such as this, the child should not have any contact with a powerful figure that can shape their lives in the extreme negative as described earlier

One needs to reflect …….you need an Id -  a license to drink, to  drive a car, motor bike, truck, boat, you need a license to fish,  register to vote, for a bank account you have to have 100 points, references to obtain a credit card, to gamble or go clubbing you must have an id showing your 18 +,  for concession tickets you must show your card, pension discounts, for telephone, rates,  health, war service, youth allowance, disabled, in employment , doctors, nurse’s police, press you must have qualifications and id for same, you must register your dog, horse, cat, wild life, etc – credit references for a loan, to buy a property, rent a property, in a relationship you must promise to love, cherish etc in good times and bad for a marriage license, in employment you must provide certain qualifications in education, personality, consistency, reliability, responsibility, trust, honesty, to go overseas you need a passport, to graduate in school to the next level, you need to pass a certain criteria there seems to be a license or criteria for just about everything you may think of in life …. except having a child

The most amazing magnificent, wondrous thing  there is and yet there is no license, id, legality, course, financial requirement, responsibility, no criteria, what so ever to be met -  [ though the government is giving an incentive of $3,000 for each child bought into the world – isn’t that great] [ I am being sarcastic here) yup, you can go out have a “kid” [as I have heard it put], have as many as “kids” as you can churn out in your fertile life to as many different fathers as you wish and pick up $3,000  a pop - plus pension, child support from the government to further your drug habit etc, any woman can do, with out any thought,  idea, consideration, in a whim or by design, do the single most amazing thing …Create Life and then proceed to use that life or lives, as an instrument of pain, a weapon, to negotiate, control, for  revenge, blackmail, or vindictiveness, manipulation , in spite, or be down right nasty at any cost, for financial gain, in bitterness  or in selfishness for their own ends

To inflict the maximum amount of pain and financial cost to the  other parent –   with complete disregard for the sibling (‘s)  or  the child or children’s state of mind, well being, the damage short or long term they are inflicting on said sibling (’s ) is altering their emotional, physical and behaviour responses to nearly every situation they will and have great bearing and influence on the rest of their lives.    

  1. What to do?  
  2. How do we change this?  

Written by Susanna H

Who has seen both sides of the fence!  

There is  NEVER ! any excuse or reason for a child to suffer for YOUR  mistakes

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