A message to the abuser ...

What ever your reason is for what you are doing, it is not acceptable.

Your are hurting your children more than you are hurting your ex partner, and for this reason, in your current frame of mind you are not an acceptable parent and nor do you deserve even to be called a parent, as you are in fact a disgrace to parenthood.

You are sick and in need of treatment and are risking being removed from your children's lives to an arms length relationship with them, possibly even being able to see them under supervision only.

* Is this what you really want ?

Your legal team will know if you are lying and if they are ethical will pull you up, but if they do not pull you up they stand to earn a lot of money by allowing you to persist with your lies.

Do not believe otherwise as this type of unethical behaviour is more common than you think.

Now you know if you are lying and so do they, so you have to ask yourself if you can trust such a legal team to give you honest advice, as dishonest advice will cost you dearly in many ways, at the end of the day. You may even loose your children because of it and you may even end up broke as well, they don't care about you or your children at all, just the money.

* Do you want this to happen ?

You are risking your children's mental health, your ex partners and certainly your own...and what for ?

If you are a woman you are a disgrace to womanhood, if you are a man you are a disgrace to manhood, and either way you are a disgrace to parenthood and any decent society, sorry but that is the truth, that is the way you will be seen and will remain so until you do something constructive about it.

* Do you really want to be this person ?

The people around you that you think you have deceived into believing your lies and into supporting you in your actions, will most likely at some point wake up to what you are doing, and will leave you in droves.

* Do you want to loose your family and friends ?

You will at some point, have made a name for yourself with authorities and the public at large for what you are doing and as bad news spreads fast, most decent people will want nothing to do with you. In this age of electronic communications, you can be easily exposed and identified wherever you go. Continue and you will have trouble in relationships yourself, as when your new partner discovers the real you, they too will sooner or later, run.

Do you really think any intending partner worth having wants to live under your roof knowing what you did to your ex and the children, they must surely be very concerned that you may do it to them one day when it suits you to.

* Do you want to be a person that can't be trusted ?

The Courts are becoming more and more aware and less tolerant of people like you every day and should you persist, the time is approaching when they will not tolerate you and remove the children from you to be placed with the other Parent, or worse maybe into an institution. If this is what you want, don't change except why wait, just give them over now, if it is not, stop now before it is too late, and do all to make a mends.

* Do you want to loose your children ?

You have to consider that, if you are reading this site, so too are many others and maybe even your ex, and this site along with many others like it intends to do all they can to help him/her to either help you and the children, or to fight you for their sake.

You have forgotten what you should and now the courts insist on, and that is, the children's welfare must come first.

You are an adult at least in size, the children are defenceless and you are abusing that to your own perverted and wrongly perceived benefit.

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