Solicitor tries blackmail

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The below is offered as proof of a Solicitor attempting to use blackmail to further his clients financial benefit from a property settlement... the worst part, both the Solicitor and the Mother involved were prepared to have the children suffer (as they did) and risk the Father going to jail and his life being ruined in their efforts to maximise their own financial gain

The first letter was written by a Barrister for the father (Barrister A) to the fathers Solicitor (Solicitor A) as a result of a conversation between that barrister and the Mothers Solicitor (Scum B) within the confines of the FCoA and was to be the beginning of a saga that was to last more than 3 years involving FALSE ALLEGATIONS of SEXUAL ABUSE placing at risk the children's well being and the fathers freedom and reputation.

Since the property trial that concluded mostly in the mothers favour, there have been no more allegations, but parental alienation still flows from the mother.

The mother today, still shows absolutely no signs of remorse even though the allegations were shown to be false and even after being subjected to scathing lectures from Judges in the court room re same.

It is common for a person in her position of having lied so much for so long for them to actually begin to believe the lies themselves and that leads to further and ongoing parental alienation and continued abuse on the children.

Below is a paragraph taken from the first letter dated 23/12/2003 and written on Barrister A's letterhead, names etc having been removed ... Full copies of the letters are to hand.

" The wife was still non-specific in her concerns other than the eldest child did not really want to see our client.   She indicated that the childhad been to counselling but "there was nothing wrong with her".    I indicated that our client naturally would want to be advised of counselling and should already have been given that advice.   The counsellor and the registrat reiterated that.  Apparently the person is "counsellor b" and "scum b' is to give you her details so that our client can contact her"

" I noted with grave concern a comment made by the mother that the child had complained about our client taking her pants down, which apparently occurred in the context of him giving her a bath.   Our client vehermently denies that he in fact undressed her and said that the child undressed herself.   When I asked "scum b" whether this should be a matter that we should be concerned about, in the absence of his client, he indicated that it would not be unreasonable to be concerned about it"

When the above letter was received by the father he raised the matter with his then wife and showed her the contents to which she replied " I have never said anything like that to my Solicitor, he had no right to say that", the first part seems to confirm that she did not or he would have filed back then instead of months later AS HE IS REQUIRED TO DO as an officer of the court.

Now here is where it gets interesting, Barrister A obviously smells a rat and wants to expose that rat so another Solicitor (Solicitor C) is hired to be present at the next mention of the matter to witness any conversations between Barrister A and Scum B, so we now have Barrister A, Solicitor A and Solicitor C all on the fathers side.

Approx 1 week before the next mention formal allegations of sexual abuse are levelled against the father and by this time he is refused any time/visitation with the children, not even supervised

The next letter contains the following paragraphs and is written by Solicitor C on the 12/3/2004 at the request of Barrister A after witnessing a conversation between Barrister A and Scum B at that next mention and again within the confines of the FCoA ...

"Upon arrival at the Court, Counsel advised us that she had requested that we instruct on this matter because she was concerned about statements that were made at the Case Conference in this matter.   Counsel informed us that at the Case Conference "scum B" had made statements to the following effect;

"That if "the father" would disclose the financial documents that had been requested then perhaps the contact issues might be resolved" and

 "That it may be the case at some time under the Case conference there might be an allegation of sexual abuse against "the father"

In conversation with counsel where the writer was present, "scum B' clarified these statements.  

For 1 above he stated that he had not said what Counsel had thought he said and that what he said was words to the effect of;

            "That he wouldn't be surprised if when the financial issues were dealt with that the child matters and contact issues might resolve themselves"

For statement 2 above he said words to the effect of;

            "I didn't mean to imply that my client would be fabricating sex abuse allegations but that she had told me about equivocal statements by the child and I told her that they would need to be investigated further"

We note that it is somewhat inconsistent to clarify statement 1 above as "sum B" did, namely that, he wouldn't be surprised that if the financial issues were dealt with that the child and contact issues might resolve, when he apparently knew that his client had concerns about sexual abuse.

"Scum B" advised Counsel that the allegations of sexual abuse had been made by the child appoeximately one week ago.   He said that they were in the process of settling an Affidavit and a Form 66 for filing in the Family court.

He said that he didn't think the investigation would be completed any time soon as the JAB officer had gone on holiday.   He also said that the JAB officer had told him that your client had been interviewed.   He said that his client had been told by the JAB officer that if she provides contact they will take the children into care."

Now it all flowed on from there, the father rightfully so refuses to give in to the blackmail attempts of Scum B and to the false allegations of his ex wife and fights, he has no choice as he has a substantial business in a relatively small community, loves his children and wants to see them and does not want to end up in jail over false allegations and being labelled as a paedophile.

He beats the first allegation prior to the now complicated and delayed property trial only to face another fresh allegation involving his other daughter but beats that too and yes you guessed it, also prior to the property trial.

Four years now and the children are still going to counselling as ordered by the court and the mother is still claiming there is nothing wrong with them.

It is not hard to work out why Scum B got involved, after all they were not his children but why would a Mother risk her children's well being just for money.

Further information to hand also indicates that this was not the only case Scum B has been involved in using serious false allegations when he smells money.

The wildest part is that the FCoA has seen the letters (handed up in final trial), saw the many reports from experts that pointed the finger at the mother and vindicated the father but allowed the mother to walk away without even a slap on the wrist sending a message to others that the courts condone this type of behaviour.

Children emotionally abused, father abused, hundreds of thousands of dollars later, Scum B gets richer riding on false allegations scenario etc and the end result is NO JUSTICE.

And this is the Family Law system we are all expected to abide by, even rely on and have faith in etc, what a joke.

When are our Family Courts really going to act in the best interests of the Children instead of pretending to, when are they going to stop hurting the Children and innocent parents instead of letting the guilty walk away thinking that they got away with the lies, deceit and destruction.

When are the Politicians and legislators going to sit up and take notice and do something about all of this, this sort of thing is happening all the time.

I hope they do something before my children grow up, get married and have children of their own !

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