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This site was first inspired/created in 2004 by a small group of Australian parents who had been subjected to Parental Alienation and had either lost or faced loosing contact with their children due to the efforts of the other parent.

The site is privately funded and run with no affiliations either commercial or political.

At all times our aim is to;

  • Keep this site and content gender nuetral
  • Keep free from any commercial aspect
  • Assist others wherever we can in understanding and coping with Parental Alienation
  • Promote the awareness of Parental Alienation

Now in 2010, most involved enjoy a reasonable relationship with their children, all are volunteers and devote significant time to helping others.

The forum section was added in sept 2010 as a result of many saying they wanted such a facility, there are members standing by to assist but please be patient should they not answer straight away, they all have work and family commitments so aren't always available 24/7.

We also encourage input from others either by constructive comment or suggestion on how to better this site for others, world wide, so please feel free to post.

If you come accross any links/material that would be of assistance to others please let us know so we can consider including that material into the site.

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